Returning to the Christie Finance team... We welcome back Emma Vanson!

We spoke to Emma Vanson, who re-joins Christie Finance as a finance consultant and will be supporting our team in the South East, to see why she decided to return and what advice she would give to those who are looking to progress as a finance consultant.

Emma Vanson

What made you want to return to Christie Finance?

Christie Finance is the leading broker in funding trading businesses within their specialised sectors and also holds an excellent reputation amongst business owners and lenders alike. Having left Christie Finance for a short period to gain further experience within the industry, I decided that my heart remained with Christie Finance. The team, along with the wider Christie Group, is so supportive and to be honest, I just miss being here!

What would you like to achieve on your return to Christie Finance?

I would like to continue progressing in my career and continue helping clients to achieve the most competitive finance packages and terms on the market. I love supporting clients to secure funding, especially where finance may not always be accessible, and I also love making new friends on these journeys. Having now spent a few weeks on my return to Christie Finance, I feel like I have hit the ground running, and I feel like I have brought more experience and knowledge.

Have you learnt anything during your time away from Christie Finance?

Temporarily stepping aside from the ‘Christie Finance bubble’ allowed me to learn new ways of working in the industry, as well as having a wider understanding and overview on the lenders available across the other types of funding that Christie Finance are less familiar with. It also enabled me to access a number of other lenders who are now looking to lend in our specialised sectors here. I also gained valuable experience working in development finance in the care and hotels sector, which I’m looking to put to good use on my journey back with Christie Finance.

What advice would you give to someone progressing as a finance consultant?

To really understand what your clients are looking for in the market and to understand what they are hoping to achieve with their businesses. It’s also important to think about all of the positives within the deals themselves and then any negatives you find that should be mitigated which will help provide your clients with the best chance of achieving their funding needs.