Get a Commercial Mortgage or Loan for Restaurants

Christie Finance is an expert in securing commercial mortgages and loans for restaurant businesses. We help you get the business finance you need to purchase your dream restaurant.

The restaurant industry is flourishing again. People are eating out more frequently and this makes it an attractive market for both a first-time restaurant buyer and an experienced dining business owner.  

Now is the perfect time for you to enter a profitable industry by taking out a loan to buy a restaurant.  

We can give you a quote for a commercial mortgage for a restaurant that ticks off all of your borrowing requirements. All you need to do is tell us:  

  • How much you need to borrow 
  • How large your deposit is 
  • Your personal details  
  • Your contact details  
  • Your location 

Provide the above information to get a quote for a restaurant loan. One of our expert lending advisors will then contact you to help you get the restaurant financing you need. 

Restaurant loan features

The terms of a commercial loan against a restaurant will vary considerably from lender to lender but, as a general rule, the following may apply (subject to status): 

65% - 100%
LTV, subject to status
year mortgage term

Examples Of What A Loan For Restaurants Can Be Used For 

If you’re unsure precisely what property you wish to buy, it can be difficult to know what a mortgage for a restaurant business can be used for.  

Christie Finance has helped a massive amount of people like yourself to get the lending they need, so they can become restaurant owners.  

Check out some of the restaurant mortgages people have secured after getting financial advice from us.  

8 Key Things You Need For Your Restaurant Loan Application 

Applying for a loan is a crucial part of buying a restaurant business because it gives you the money you need to make the venture a success.  

Lenders need some important information from you to process a successful application for a restaurant business loan. 

 To help you prepare. these are a few of the key things a lender needs from you:   

  • A deposit of 30% or more 
  • Good credit history 
  • Evidence of business performance 
  • Two years' trading accounts 
  • Income projections 
  • Additional security 
  • Business plan 
  • Proof of experience 

Now Is The Perfect Time For You To Open A Restaurant  

The restaurant sector offers an enormous variety of dining options, so attracting and retaining customers is key.  

Diners demand quality but they also look for diversity and value. This means there are opportunities for every type of restaurant business to succeed. 

People’s eating habits are changing, with many restaurant-goers turning away from big organisations and seeking a dining experience that’s more unique.  

This creates an opportunity for independent operators to thrive, as consumers favour niche, local eateries over large chains.  

So, now is the perfect time for you to take out a restaurant mortgage, secure your business assets and create a unique dining experience for people.   

Lending Appetite Is Strong Among Restaurant Loan Providers  

There’s a strong appetite among commercial mortgage lenders to provide restaurant business loans to people who want to purchase a diner.  

There’s a growth in interest from specialist investors including private equity and incubator investors.  

The appetite of lenders for offering restaurant mortgages means the expert team at Christie Finance is able to secure excellent deals for people seeking business loans for restaurants.  

Whatever option you have in mind, Christie Finance will help you get the restaurant funding you need to purchase or lease the dinner you want. 

What Christie Finance Can Help You With  

Christie Finance specialises in restaurant loans and mortgages. Our team of restaurant mortgage brokers can answer all your questions about commercial mortgages, such as:  

  • What kind of loan do you need to open a restaurant? 
  • How much does it cost to open a small restaurant? 
  • How much loan can I get to open a restaurant? 
  • How do you borrow money for a restaurant? 
  • How do I apply for a small business loan? 


Watch the video below to discover what Christie Finance can help you with.   

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