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Key insight on the commercial mortgage market.

Childcare Mortgages 27 October 2016

The right first steps to getting the best mortgage for your day nursery

Taking a step back, we understand that for many day nursery operators, the fantastic businesses they are running have been a labour of love borne of a passion to provide top-quality childcare and the ‘business’ part has been somewhat incidental thanks to the quality of the se...

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Pub Mortgages 20 October 2016

Finding Pub Finance in the Midlands

In truth, the operators that have weathered the storm of the financial crash and adapted to the changing needs of their customers aren’t just trading, they are trading very well. The diversity seen across the sector speaks volumes about how quality operators have evolved wi...

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Commercial Finance 22 September 2016

What our clients say about us...

To promote the service we dedicate ourselves to delivering; we have put together a short video telling you a little bit about us, what we have achieved and, most importantly, what our clients think about us. So we hope you enjoy the video and why not give one of our special...

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Commercial Finance 31 August 2016

Why a borrower should engage a broker at the outset of a search for a business

This can be a minefield in itself, with a vast number of lenders to work through, often with specialist departments and individuals to identify. Just when you think you are winning, you find your contact speaks in technical terms completely alien to you, or doesn’t have the ca...

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Commercial Finance 19 July 2016

Commercial refinance - easier than you think

Most people will switch their residential mortgage as soon as the renewal is due or the initial term has expired. Switching to the best possible deal, this is made far easier as it is very much an off the shelf, one size fits all product. Commercial mortgages are not a stan...

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Commercial Finance 28 June 2016

What makes a good business plan?

I think when you come to the point of sitting down and writing a business plan, regardless of the need that put you there, it would be reasonable to assume you want it to fall within the majority, if not all, of the above definitions. Certainly, when writing a business plan wi...

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Retail Mortgages 15 June 2016

Christie Finance welcomes the CMA's report into retail banking services

As the ACS has recently disclosed, banks fund just 7% of retailer investments. Interestingly 68% of retailer investments are funded by private reserves. If these operators who are funding acquisitions and expansion through their own private reserves had funding support from a...

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Childcare Mortgages 25 May 2016

Securing finance in the childcare sector – child’s play?

So with all this positivity - banks must be stumbling over each other to lend to this sector? In fact the comparisons between a bank and a 5 year old can be quite striking, as both can change their appetite over night. One minute they like lending in the childcare sector th...

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Commercial Finance 30 March 2016

So why do you need a business plan?

Setting up or taking on a new business involves more planning than a road trip, but the principle is essentially the same. You need an idea of where you want the business to be and a plan of how you’re going to get there.  You need to plan your budget and it would be sensible ...

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Medical Mortgages 23 March 2016

Funding environment across the UK dental market and what we foresee for the year ahead

Our prediction last year that the private dentistry market would see more activity this year has materialised, with many would be buyers turning to supposedly higher risk, but better return (on investment), opportunities in the private dental sector. The proposed NHS reform...

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