Christie Finance Corporate

In Christie Finance Corporate we specialise in the hospitality, care, childcare, retail and medical sectors, acting on behalf of a diverse range of borrowers, from private purchasers to national corporates, investors and developers.

Activity in Corporate markets

There remains a lot of activity in the corporate markets, with regional and national operators looking to expand and grow their portfolios through the acquisition of well run, well managed and financially sound sites in honey-pot locations.

The demand for opportunities where value can be added is high, especially from Regional operators who are using their existing portfolios to underpin sites that need to go through a turnaround process.

Lender appetite

Lender appetite remains strong but varies significantly from lender to lender. This is where brokers at Christie Finance who are knowledgeable in professional debt can add value to the transaction, ensuring funding proposals are pitched to lenders with a genuine appetite to fund their transactions.

We still see some reluctance from traditional lenders, such as ‘high street’ banks, to fund turnaround opportunities on a standalone basis, regardless of client and operator quality. This is where specialist banks and debt funds provide a credible alternative to traditional structured debt providers.


For the vast majoirty of deals, traditional banks c.70% LTV (loan to value) or 5X leverage against EBITDA, post drawings.

‘Group’ transactions can benefit from economies of scale, with traditional banks keen to support well established operations. In this scenario, our strong negotiation position of brokering the deal with the market enables us to generate market leading results for our clients.

In a fast-moving market, single site transactions has mixed appetite, it is about knowing which lender has the current appetite to fund the transaction, determined by:

  • experience
  • debt requirement (LTV)
  • net worth of the client's 
  • sustainability of income available to service the proposed debt.

Development Finance 

Regarding development finance for the hotel and care sectors, depending on the debt quantum and sector, funders and lenders can offer up to 90% LTC (loan to cost) against new build development projects.

At Christie Finance Corporate 

Whether you’re an operator, developer, shareholder or investor, we’ll work with you to secure competitive term debt facilities for one or multiple asset acquisitions.

Christie Finance Corporate also manage the debt arrangement and due diligence processes. Through a structured approach to the debt market, we streamline the timeframe for financings, by creating competitive tension between potential lenders we ensure we secure the best possible terms for our clients, in terms of both flexibility and pricing.

The Corporate Team has a deep understanding of the debt market and benefits from a wide network of contacts across the entire lending arena.

Our commercial mortgage services

We’ve been helping first-time buyers and existing business owners secure funding for over 45 years.

What makes Christie Finance different?


National coverage across the UK

Project management

From intial enquiry to completion - saving your precious time and money

Quick responses

Rapid business and commercial mortgage decisions

Relationship - C&Co

Our brokers can access the best new businesses for sale

Specialist knowledge

Over 40 years experience in our specialist sectors

Tailored loan options

Fixed and discounted rate available

The 'Christie' name

Adds credibility to the proposal - buying you a better deal

We are independent

We have no tie to any one lender

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