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Commercial Mortgages for Childcare Businesses

With more and more parents working, childcare is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Demand for nursery places is therefore high, particularly in affluent areas.

The availability of funding has consequently improved, but the same cannot be said for the supply of childcare properties. The shortage of prime acquisition opportunities is directing more operators towards new-builds and conversion of existing buildings. Fortunately, the latter has been made easier by a relaxation of planning controls, which has opened up a wider pool of properties to nursery owners.

Whether you are intending to purchase an existing nursery business, develop a property further, or grow your portfolio let Christie Finance help get the funding you need.

As an independent broker, Christie Finance is not tied to any particular lender. We have established and trust-based relationships with the leading lending institutions. We know which ones are financing the childcare sector, and whom to approach to get the best deal for you.

Childcare property loan features

The terms of a commercial loan against a childcare property will vary considerably from lender to lender but, as a general rule, the following may apply:

70% - 100%
loan to business value ratio
year mortgage term
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The Christie Finance Team

The childcare sector can be a hugely rewarding experience – personally and financially – for those who decide to commit to it. Understandably, it’s also highly regulated, so it is crucial to factor in all the costs involved when preparing your business proposal. Christie Finance’s experienced and knowledgeable Consultants will guide you through the finance options and mortgage application process, from your initial enquiry to completion. But we don’t leave it there: We are always available to discuss and review your commercial mortgage to ensure it is as competitive as possible.

Key considerations
When you are thinking about buying a business there are various things that both you and a potential lender will need to consider:

  • Experience – do you have the right level of experience to run the business? How will you run it?

  • Performance – how well is the business doing? Is it in a good location? Is there enough profit in the business to be able to repay a loan easily and allow you to take enough out of the business for yourself?

  • Contribution – what are you able to invest in the business (savings, other properties, etc.)?

  • Personal history – do you have a clear credit history?

Christie & Co have over 78 independent childcare properties currently for sale, with new businesses added regulary.

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Factors Affecting Your Loan Application

There are a number of factors which can help to make your childcare property application more attractive to a lender:

  • A deposit of 30% or more
  • Additional security
  • Business plan
  • Proof of experience
  • Good credit history
  • Two years' trading accounts and income projections
  • Strong proposal from Christie Finance

Our commercial mortgage services

We’ve been helping first-time buyers and existing business owners secure funding for over 35 years.

What makes Christie Finance different?


National coverage across the UK

Project management

From intial enquiry to completion - saving your precious time and money

Quick responses

Rapid business and commercial mortgage decisions

Relationship - C&Co

Our brokers can access the best new businesses for sale

Specialist knowledge

Over 40 years experience in our specialist sectors

Tailored loan options

Fixed and discounted rate available

The 'Christie' name

Adds credibility to the proposal - buying you a better deal

We are independent

We have no tie to any one lender

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